“Parisienne” Candles - 190 g

The “Parisienne” PHAEDON PARIS 190 g candle is composed of a mixture of several waxes: high purity mineral, paraffin or rapeseed. The paraffin is created using crude oil. Contrary to popular belief, crude oil is a natural product, yes! It is extracted from the earth in very deep layers, and is the result of the decomposition of plants and animals that lived there thousands of years ago. Paraffin wax is an ultra-pure, biodegradable product, which offers practically the same advantages as soy wax: non-toxic, clean combustion, non-miscible (does not mix with water), allowing a perfect restitution of the olfactory note. In its so-called “Parisienne” finish, it is presented in a glossy black glass soberly screen-printed with a black and ochre zoomorphic oval pattern.