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Phaedon Paris

Parfumeur Voyageur

Chaque lettre a une odeur, chaque verbe, un parfum.

Chaque mot diffuse dans la mémoire un lieu et ses effluves.
Parfums – Philippe Claudel

To the origins of
the House of Phaedon Paris

PHAEDON PARIS is a perfume house created by two Parisian aesthetes, great travellers and lovers of ancient cultures.

In the mid-2000s, their dream of creating a perfume brand that would crystallize their interests took shape with the emergence of so-called “niche” perfumery, creating the possibility for small, discreet and “Arty” brands to exist in the eyes of perfume lovers in search of new thrills.

The identity of
the House of Phaedon Paris

It is from the memory of a bas-relief from the palace of King Darius exhibited in the Louvre that the two Assyrian griffins of the House will become the zoomorphic emblem of the two Assyrian griffins. More than just a logo, this emblem will cap the name of the legendary slave turned philosopher: Phaedon d’Elis.
Phaedon was born in Elis in Greece in 400 BC. As a young man, he was taken prisoner during the battle between Elis and Sparta and then bought by an Athenian slave trader. While serving dinner in the house of his new master, he answered the question of an illustrious guest named Socrates in his place. Dazzled by the spirit and beauty of Phaedon, Socrates buys the young man from his friend and makes him his disciple…

The purpose

Odour hunter, collector of souvenirs, PHAEDON PARIS will offer eaux de toilette, eaux de parfum, home fragrances composed by guest perfumers around a concept of permanent cultural mixing. The manufacture of a collection of scented candles will be entrusted to Maîtres Ciriers producing for prestigious brands.

Phaedon Paris today

At the beginning of 2010, PHAEDON PARIS passed under the Artistic Direction of the perfumer Pierre GUILLAUME, all the fragrances are produced in his workshops in France.

Aesthetically, the House of PHAEDON PARIS boasts a complex identity, claiming a shimmering and mixed “baroque naturalism”, conjuring up a dreamlike bestiary inspired by the Mediterranean and Asia, plant elements such as fig leaf, iris, reed and Etruscan motifs contrasting with the house’s zoomorphic emblem. The fragrances invite us on a journey through cultures and eras, underlined by original and colourful imagery at the crossroads between the travel journal, the botanical plank and the Art Deco style.

Phaedon Paris is
Made in France

Located in the heart of France, our workshops enable us to control the design and complete manufacture of our perfumes, to guarantee quality products at realistic prices.

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