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Eau de toilette

Cardamom, rosewood, cedar

Composition: Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), linalool, limonene.


The woody, delicately spicy “Cendres de Thé” opens with an accord of smoky notes and cardamom. In the heart notes, peppery rose blends with the floral, woody facets of tea and Ho wood (cinnamonum camphora). The voluptuous base is a blend cedar and musk nuanced with myrrh resin.

Note de voyage : The Tea Ceremony

The Tea Ceremony takes us back centuries to the past of Asian culture. In the atmosphere floats the scents of cardamom removed in the smoke of the fire used to heat the utensils, for four hours, a Master will methodically serve the famous drink according to a precize ritual, witness of ancestral customs.An oiran standing in a room looking down upon a small boy who has fallen asleep, his head upon his arms which are folded across a mill for grinding ceremonial tea. Through an open doorway thre is a glimpse of a garden. The wheel of a court wagon indicates that the subject of the print is an analogue of a scene in the life of Prince Genji – Suzuki, Harunobu, 1725-1770 – Print