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Eau de parfum

Capers flowers, fig tree, leather

Composition: Alcohol, Parfum (fragrance) aqua (water), Geraniol.


Sacred island of Apollo, Delos had an economic and religious influence at its peak in the sixth century BC. Uninhabited since centuries, Delos is today an arid land, guarded by its famous lionesses in white marble of Naxos. The vegetation is little varied. The visitor who disembarks there is quickly touched by the unique perfume of the Flowers of Capers which pushes to the feet of the Fig Trees and which reign discreetly on the mineral atmosphere of the place. Here time is frozen in an immobile sky saturated with azure, imprisoned for ever by links of Leather heated by a burning sun.

Note de voyage : Fragrance in Antiquity: the Delos case

Archaeological research carried out on the ruins of the Hellenistic city has demonstrated the presence of structures dedicated to the production of perfumes, with oil presses and enfleurage furnaces. The writings of Pliny the Elder point out: “In ancient times, the most famous perfume was the one produced on the island of Delos”.