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Eau de toilette

Orange blossom, mandarin, aloe vera

Composition: Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), glycerin.


A fresh, suave cologne for the whole family. The floral opening blends white neroli and jasmine with fruity notes of yellow mandarin. Aloe vera and agave leaves add an aquatic, vegetable softness to the fragrance, which evolves towards a soft, comfortable woody musky base, for a “cocoon” effect.

Note de voyage : 1670 Sevilla:

In the Iberian palaces, the trend is for the use of a new essential oil with floral, fresh and fruity notes of the sour orange tree. This strange habit owes it to the French Anne-Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola. The flowers are picked, most often by hand, in late April to early May. The essence is produced by steam entrainment because the flower is too fragile to withstand distillation. Its low yield still makes it a rare and precious ingredient in the Perfumery today.