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Eau de parfum

Ylang-ylang, almond wood

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Composition: Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), linalool, alpha-isomethyl-ionone, limonene, coumarin, hydroxycitronellal, citral, eugenol, benzyl benzoate.


Ylang-ylang from Madagascar meets the Guara almond from Alicante. Ylang-ylang (which means “the Flower of Flowers” in Malay) was often used in the alcoves of harems for the aphrodisiac properties of its floral, suave, jasminy and spicy scent. Here, the perfumer Gérard Bertrand tames its intensely sensuous character without erasing it by wrapping it in the suave, gourmand notes of the Guara almond from Alicante. The warmth of balsams blends with woody notes of cedar, guaiac and vetiver to compose an embracing, comforting cocoon-scent with a floral, powdery heart.

Note de voyage : The flower of flowers

The ylang-ylang, Cananga odorata, is a tropical tree native to Asia. In Indonesia, it is called “the flower of flowers” because of its incomparable fragrance. Ylang-ylang flowers were first distilled in Manila around 1860 already considering its fragrance as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Francisco Manuel Blanco (O.S.A.)Flora de Filipinas – Print 1880-1883