Diffuser 125 ml

Vetiver, Licorice, Tonka, Alep Pine

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Réglisse & Vétiver : The verdant plains of Yunnan

A “licorice wood” where the roots of vetiver are adorned with a feminine je-ne-sais-quoi. A no-sugar greedy scent that is both refreshing and warm. A balancing act chord giving a touch of fantasy in sophisticated interiors and some memories of childhood.

Instruction of use

PHAEDON PARIS plant stick perfume diffusers are recommended when you wish to perfume a place where you sometimes hesitate to light a candle, such as a bedroom, a shop, a waiting room or a confined space. PHAEDON PARIS diffusers contain 125 ml of perfume and are refillable. They are delivered with black rattan sticks.

The oxygenated solvent-based formula of the PHAEDON PARIS capillary perfume diffuser is highly concentrated for a long-lasting, intense and constant fragrance. This diffuser allows a volume of approximately 35 m3 to be perfumed for several weeks.

Once the bottle is out of its packaging, unscrew the black cap and remove the hermetic plastic cap. Then screw the black cap back on so that the sticks can be inserted. We recommend returning the sticks once a week to ensure a constant diffusion of the perfume. The duration of a fragrance diffuser is approximately 2 months. It will depend on how often you turn the sticks, the temperature of your room and the season. Be aware that the first half of your diffuser will be used up more quickly because the sticks need to soak up the fragrance. It is advisable not to turn the sticks over a fragile piece of furniture but over a surface that is not sensitive to perfume splashes. Always keep your diffuser clean and free of perfume splashes that could run down the bottle and stain your furniture.

ATTENTION: Read the instructions for use before use. May cause a skin allergy. Causes serious eye irritation. Flammable liquids and vapours. Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects. Do not bring into contact with solvent-sensitive, varnished, fragile, painted or hot surfaces. In case of consultation with a doctor, keep the packaging available, the composition is located at the base of this case.